Request a Ride for Your Children

Request a Ride

Balancing your time for work and your duties as a parent can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when it comes to your kid’s pickups or drop-offs. That’s why we, at Kid’s Purpose & Plans Transportation LLC, are here to take on the job for you.


Based in Chicago, Illinois, we provide comprehensive transportation services for children. Schedule a ride for your kid today! Please note all rides must be booked 8 hours prior to pick up time.


Booking Fee: $1 per child

Base Price: $13 for the first three miles

Over Three Miles: $1 per additional mile 

Additionally discounts apply for families with multiple passengers on the same ride.

Rates may change based on the area

Rates are subject to change

 Cancellation & Pick Up Policy 

Cancellation Policy

All rides can be cancelled by email or phone. There will be $5.00 cancellation fee.


If you cancel after a Purpose Driver has arrived for pick up, you will be charged 100% of your estimated ride fee.

Pick Up Policy

All kiddos will have a two minute grace period when the vehicle arrives to ensure everyone arrives to their destination in a timely manner.